11 February 2011

Tea Party

Not long ago my daughter Charity asked me to call "Ya Ya" (that is what she calls my Mom) and she invited Ya Ya and Poppy over to have a "real tea party."  Peach Pie (what I call Charity) got a tea set for Christmas and has hosted many a pretend tea party.  When she invited Ya Ya and Poppy over they came and we all sat down to a fantastic tea party meal!

That day some "cawn bread" and delish pinto beans cooked by Uncle Neil came via UPS from Georgia and really made the tea party food!  My Mom always says our corn bread in the west is more like corn cake, moist and sugary.  I guess I was raised up in the west so that is what I love!  This "real" Georgia "cawn" bread was not sweet but it was delicious!
Poppy trying to put a lid on the pretend food Peach Pie brought him

That day we ended up having a dance party up in PP's room which was filled with balloons from a birthday party.  We all enjoyed having Poppy and it always means a lot to me to see the effort he puts into being the fun guy that he is!  I know my children will have a lot of fun memories with him, just like I do!

Great memories such as this!  A few summers back my Dad was training Sofie to run and jump over a pole that was set up on top of paint cans.  My little girl loved watching him do that!  Pretty sure he loved having someone who would watch Sofie do that trick all day.
It is amazing all that he could get Sofie to do!  That little doggie would do anything for him, I think.  He really has put a lot of time into training her up well.  The weekend before his hemorrhagic stroke, Eve James and her girls came to drop something off for my Mom.  While they were there my Dad made Sofie perform every trick she knows to their delight!  I heard about that from my Dad and later on heard about that from Eve.  I know my Dad really enjoys showing his dog off to anyone who will listen!  He is such a Boston Terrier nut! I think about 1/3 of his conversations revolve around Sofie.  I can't count the number of times he has stared at her and said "That is such a beautiful dog."  He really has to stop everyone he sees with a Boston Terrier.  I guess the Boston dog owners are all that way.

Once at Liberty Park a woman stopped my Dad and got so excited about Sofie she actually got on the grass and rolled around with the dog!  It was embarrassing!  After that my Dad agreed to tone down his interactions with stranger's dogs.  :)  Thank goodness he never did that!

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