06 February 2011

Dad and Jimmy James

My little Jimmy Jim had a real bad couple of days last week for accidents!  He fell off a bunk bed and thankfully escaped that unharmed.  Of course after he cried for a minute or two he jumped out of my arms and went straight for the ladder to climb back up.  The next day we were at my parent's house and he put his finger in the hinge of the door as it was being shut!  That one made him cry harder than I can remember hearing him cry!  He walked around with his drippy eyes and holding his injured pointer finger out in front of him.  It was real sad.  But my Dad grabbed that little buddy boy and they sat on the couch together for a whole movie!  James Brother (affectionately named by his sister) laid right on my Dad's stomach and relaxed and napped there with his finger pointed out.
It was real cute because I remember so many times my Dad telling me his favorite thing was when his own children would climb up on his belly and go to sleep.  In my childhood scrapbook (thank you Mom!) there are several pictures of me sleeping just like this on my Dad.  My Dad is a person I have always thought of with definite likes and favorites, and I know he loves having a baby asleep on his belly.  He told me how much he enjoyed having little Jimmy Jim fall asleep on his belly that day.  I am glad I snapped a photo and look forward to putting that in my own son's book.  Good memories!

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