Dad Vernacular

AKA Dad Dictionary.  Part of the traumatic brain injury my Dad has leaves him continually struggling to come up with the words or names of things he is really talking about, which is part of his anomial alexia aphasia. (Anomial meaning a severe problem recalling words or names, alexia meaning an inability to read, aphasia meaning a type of speechlessness.)  Sometimes he will really stick with it until he gets it and other times he pops out something that makes us all laugh.  So I am keeping this page as a dictionary to my Dad's vernacular, which usually makes us all (including him) laugh our heads off.  I plan to add to it whenever he comes up with a new one!  My Dad is basically the man!

Cup of ice: Big messy pot of freedom fighters
Chewing the fat, as in conversationally: Skizzle skat and dog poop
Soy sauce: Mess of pottage
Reaching out to people, in speaking of doing our Christian duty: Seek the people into the kennels of exclusion
Snow: Sniff spiff
Mug: Big Theodore
Job well done: A great petsy-do
James, my son: Boolakay, Judabaker
What's up: Upstate!
Kleenex: Sneezers
Give me a high five: Slap me some Sacajawea
Eat: Monster mash
Good man: A queachless bottom
Glasses: Tubes
Doctors: Anti-bites
Loud: Ear intensive
Take a bath: Stew in juices
Wind: Terror on the high seas
Shoes: Tires
Poppy hug: Hockey puck
Squeeze: Scootnoober
Bank: Money hotel
Porch: The place where a new person rings the doorbell