20 February 2011

Oh, Dad!

May I just say that my Dad is so funny?  I think he really has always loved making people laugh and although his methods for accomplishing that have changed, he still loves when he says something that gets everyone laughing.  Tonight while my husband, children and I were visiting, we asked him about a really great experience he and my Mom recently had with a very wonderful man. 

They say there are two sides to every story, right? 

My Mom's version of the story included a lot of beautiful words spoken, a lot of joy, tenderness, spirituality, hope, and Christ-like love. 

Dad telling us this story
My Dad's version involved drug addicts, some guy from New York City (who apparently you could just look at and you knew it), witch hunters, visionary "underpinnings," something that they had "figured out to the max," and a warning that I would go "straight down" if I repeated any of it.  It was just so funny!  If I didn't know better, I think I would have literally been on the floor laughing.

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