14 February 2011


I was sitting in church yesterday and I had the thought that if I knew the end from the beginning, if I knew the strengths and weaknesses I started with compared with the strengths I have and will gain as I go through life, I bet I would not want to change the middle.   I know that God sees the end from the beginning, he knows what the outcomes and end results will be and I believe that all that happens in the in-between is what makes us who we are.  I believe this life is for us to be polished and refined, to learn lessons and to serve God and man.  I am not sure why it takes a hemorrhagic stroke to teach things to some people what others learn in a different way but I am certain that our loving Heavenly Father knows best how to allow us opportunities for growth and learning.

There is a family we go to church with whose dad ahad a  stroke three days after my Dad, and like my Dad, now has a traumatic brain injury.  I am reminded that so many people are in the furnace of affliction and my hope is that all people will come to the feet of the Savior and feast on His love!  He has the power to heal our wounded hearts.  He gives hope and peace!

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