31 January 2011

Birthday party!

Saturday my brother Daniel turned 29 on the 29th!  He was living it up in Hawaii so we had his birthday party yesterday.  Daniel is #2 of five for my parents.  It is always a lot of fun to get together with the family and always fun to see Daniel and my Dad!  (Happy Birthday Dan!)

Last week when we went to Provo to see the Carl Bloch exhibit, we turned out stirring renditions of "Stars and Stripes Forever" the whole way home in the car, which was about an hour drive.  We had such a great time with that and we have been scooby-be-do-be-do! Ba-do-ba-do-bah-ing every song we can think of.  Last night we started with the military songs singing "From the halls of Montezuma" and "Anchors Aweigh!" It was so much fun!  It was real sweet because as we were singing and having a good time with it, he got serious and said "Are you teaching your children these songs?"  I said I wasn't, but I teach them other good American songs (when Charity was not even two she was singing "You're A Grand Old Flag!" the whole way through!) but that I would start teaching the military songs.  He told me how he thought it was really important for me to teach my children about the military and to be thankful for the people who serve.

Oddly enough I had been telling Charity earlier about children who have moms or dads in the war.  I was telling her how we should be thankful for the children and the parents who serve our country and work to keep us free.  I really do appreciate the military folks, so much!  I get so choked up when I think about the men and boys in the revolutionary war.  (By the way Johnny Tremain is a great read)  Even School House Rock has a song that gets my eyes misty!  "Take your powder, take your sons, report to General Washington!  Hurry men, there's not an hour to lose!"  I feel so thankful for people who will send their husbands and sons to fight for our freedoms.  I love living in America. Now my Dad is about to send a son off to the Navy.  I am so happy and really proud of my brother John.  It  means everything to me to have people risk losing everything for me and for my children.  Really, that is what these people do.  They risk their opportunity to grow old with the person they love.  To hold their children, to play games with them, to read and to teach them.  They risk it all because of the love of freedom they have.  I know their sacrifices will not be forgotten by God and they should not be by man.  I thank Heavenly Father for allowing us to live in the unprecedented freedom that we have here today.  I know it has been better, I don't pretend things are great and perfect, but this still is the greatest place to live and I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have been born in America into a Christian family.

What this all has to do with my Dad is that he and I were talking about this last night.  It still means so much to him and I am glad he took the time to teach me to pause and reflect on the gifts so many others have given me and my family.  My Dad's dad was in the Navy during WWII and my Mom's dad drove tanks in the Army.  I have always loved the 4th of July.  It is my favorite!  I know that love began at the feet of my Dad, observing and watching the reverence and respect he has for those who keep us safe.  We sincerely and earnestly thank God for these awesome people!

Because of my little brother, my bumper sticker reads:

Life, liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it.
                                 The Navy

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