17 January 2011

Dad's hat

I need to pay homage to the "old man's" hat.  Since the traumatic brain injury, he is always cold!  He had been wearing this beanie around, along with layers and layers of clothing and that still didn't cut it.  Not even on this hot day at the pumpkin patch!  A few weeks back my parents went to REI to look into some warmer gear.  They did find some, and now I know whose hat to borrow if I ever end up on a Klondike. This hat has these little shiny silver thermal dots that are supposed to keep heat in no matter what.

So here is the hat.  My little brother gets the best pictures!  Last night my Dad fell asleep in his Father's Day La-Z-Boy recliner and John snapped this picture. Apparently my Dad wakes up every morning, walks into the kitchen with his glasses and hat scratching his belly, and says "I'm just here to, uh, check out some cereal".  So this next photo is John's impression.
By the way, as I was writing, my daughter walked in and saw the picture of my Dad sleeping in his hat.  She said "Ohhhhh. That's a cute picture of Pop!" and then "and that's a cute picture of Uncle John too!"  

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