07 December 2010

Wedding and Grans

Thank goodness Ammon made good on his promise to propose to Tera!  Is it possible to blame Ammo's delay for my Dad's health problems? Well, no actually, it isn't even though we tried to get them married faster by doing that.  After dating five years they finally tied the knot! There was dancing and delicious food but most important, Tera went through with it and I finally have an official sister! (Love you, Tera!) My Dad was real happy that day.  He got out on the dance floor and we did the twist and shout to a bunch of Beatles songs.  He had a really good time and we all enjoyed watching him bust out some dance moves we didn't know existed. (Very similar to the thumbs-and-foot-kick dance made popular by Elaine).

My children call my Dad "Poppy".  He is real sweet to them.  For some reason, he believes that if little Jimmy Jim isn't being watched 100% of the time, he will find some quicksand in the basement or another route to catastrophe.  In this picture Poppy had been so worried about Jim Jim that he just sat him down on his lap and made him stay there a while.  I guess that was easier than following a curious boy around the house.  

Then later the same day, my daughter tried to talk to my Mom (Ya Ya) while she was in the middle of a conversation with Poppy. He playfully said "I am the one talking here. Got it?" followed by hysterical laughter.  Good thing it made her laugh too!

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