12 December 2010


What is wrong with this picture?  The answer is the dog.  This is Max and this is our old grandpa poodle who is gone now.  If you know my Dad, then you may be surprised that he allowed this picture to be taken.  The part of his heart reserved for faithful dog loving belongs to another. 

That dog is, of course, Heavenly Miss Sofia Sweetheart. Sofie Noodles, Sweet Little Sofie.  I am talking about my Dad's Boston Terrier, Sofie.  He is so crazy about that dog.  One of the running family jokes is Daddy-o's dog, Sofie.  When he was sick in the hospital, his co-workers appropriately did what I am sure my Dad would have done if he had been able to.  They created Sofie wall paper for his room.  

Less than a week before his stroke, he and I were having a hilariously good time teasing each other about that dog.  He told me that no one but him knew Sofie enough to interpret the depths of her emotional state.  Too funny.  We all joke about being jealous of the dog who gets more attention than the people.  Which isn't true but we all make jokes at Sofie's expense.  

Well here is Sweet Little Sofie.  I don't know how I went so many posts without so much as a mention of her.  Him being the only one able to understand her must be true.  While he was hospitalized in 2009 and 2010 I started to believe dogs really can be depressed!  That little doggie was sad! 

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