07 December 2010

Vocab de Dad

One my Dad's newfound abilities is to create a vocabulary that is understandable and hilarious.  Recently we took a drive up a nearby canyon.  I asked him if he had had a good talk with one of my brothers earlier that day.  His response "It was good.  You know, usually between us its all just a bunch of skizzle skat and dog poop."  My Dad and I laughed right then and  I couldn't wait to get back to tell my Mom. We also had a good laugh.

A few weeks later we were sitting around eating some stir fry.  Pointing to the soy sauce he said "Would you pass me that mess of pottage over there?"

Heard in the background as I was on the phone with my Mom: "I've got my vegetable tray from Monterrey! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! And it tastes good! Yeah!"

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