29 December 2010


Today my dear old Pa-pa endured seizures!  While talking with my Mother in the kitchen of their home, he began to seizure.  He went to the ER and I arrived with Sam in time to witness another seizure.  Dad has bitten his tongue so severely.  That will  be the big recovery this time.  It was hard and sad and at least mildly terrifying to observe a grand mal in action.  He will be in the hospital overnight and hopefully be ready to come home tomorrow.  We are praying they will do what they apparently don't like to do: stitch his tongue back together.

So much he has to endure.  I don't know why or understand why.  But my heart is content and steady on knowing that God is in charge of all, and watching over him and all of us.  I don't understand why my Dad was called on to suffer in his body so much in this life, but I know there will be a resurrection and won't it be glorious! When all who suffer in their bodies will feel relief from pain and affliction!  I testify to that reality.  I am grateful for Jesus Christ, I know He lived and overcame death.  I know He suffered the Atonement that He might know how to succor and understand us.  I know He gives the "peace which passeth understanding" and I am praying prayers that I know are heard for that peace to cover us all like a blanket.

If you are reading this, thank you!  For support, interest, and mostly prayers and love.  We are all in this life together. Love to all.

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