14 August 2012

Stay cheerful!

Well, all I can find for the source of this quote is some blog and a BYU-I devotional talk where the woman says that "this quote was given at church last Sunday and attributed to Hyrum Smith." So---however likely/unlikely it is that he actually is the one who said it, I don't know.  But I came across this quote today, and I really like it!  No matter who said it, it is truth!

Be not discouraged, neither allow the spirit of doubt or gloom or despondency to come into thy life, for these are tricks of the evil one to destroy thy faith and thy usefulness. But look upon the bright side of life, be cheerful, humble, prayerful, and in pure devotion, and in thy habits, and the Lord will remember thee in mercy. His power and blessings will be upon thee. therefore, look unto the Lord in humility, and thou shalt be comforted in the answers to thy prayers and be guided in the path of thy duty, day and night.

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