02 August 2012

God will see us through!

Tonight, driving home from my cousin's daughter's first birthday party, I plugged in the headphones on my iPod while my children listened to books on tape in the back.  I listened to this local show run by (hilarious and sarcastic) men who asked everyone to text their worst "first world problems" to be read on air.  Minutes later, to the tune of Kenny G, they started reading the texts.

I'm going to Hawaii and I don't know which clothes I should pack.

My wife was with a church group tonight and I have to eat left-overs.

The lowest setting on my car's air conditioner doesn't work.

My AC is drying my eyes out.

The entrance to the Olive Garden is on the other side of the building.

Oh golly!!!  I thought of my Mom, and many others, who I think would love to have their worst problem be a broken AC!

Feeding ducks
I remember sitting with my dad in the NICU and looking out over the sunset valley of Salt Lake City, and thinking how strange it was that people were living normal lives, and everything was going on around us.  For us, life was about one thing for a while.  It was about waiting to see what in the world was going to happen with my dad.

I can't describe the emotional burden I felt.  While I was feeling it, I knew that it was not something unique to me.  I was not the only one in this world who had or would know what it was like.  It amazed me that after a good night's rest, I would wake feeling tired.

I say all this, keeping in mind the fact that I am not the one closest to the suffering.  Still as close as I am, it hurts to think of it all!
A great animal lover!
Teaching his grand's to feed ducks from their hands!
I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent His Son to die for us, to Atone for us. The miraculous and infinite Atonement is real.  It is wonderful to know that He would endure all that He did, in part to know how to "succor His people".  It is a wonderful life, when you know that Jesus Christ can relate to how you feel, and your pains and emotions and thoughts.

Some of the hardest experiences give the greatest opportunity to bring us closer to God.  I have loved the birthing experiences that I have had.  I chose to give birth, medication-free.  People think I am crazy, in fact I THINK I AM TOO!  But going through those difficult experiences truly made me cry out to God, and beg Him for immediate help and mercy, which was undoubtedly sent, and it really helped me to realize how much I need Him!  It helped me realize how I am nothing without Him, and everything with Him!  I felt so close to my Savior and so thankful that He would see me through that experience.  When it was all said and done, I felt like my life had been changed forever through the mercies of Jesus Christ, and it has!

So whether its the uncertainty of life, or life with a loved one who's brain no longer functions as it used to, or even childbirth! Trust yourself to God.  Give your life to Him!  Trust Him with your heart and your feelings.  Say it out loud! Whatever your heart or your mind or your tired body is grieving over, remember that "earth has NO sorrow that Heaven cannot heal."

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