08 March 2011


My Dad is tons of fun!  There are a couple of great traditional things he and I did together when I was growing up.  The first is Hot Dog Club!  About once a week, maybe more, in the spring and summer, and sometimes in the fall, and winter, I would take Trax downtown and meet him at the corner of 200 South and Main Street where we would "commence shoveling" on the most delicious hot dogs Salt Lake City has to offer.  We really both just loved the experience of a city hot dog, eaten in muggy outdoors of downtown while hundreds of cars passed by.  Mmmm.  I hope Hamza and his hot dog stand will be there this summer.

The other great thing my Dad and I did together for many summers was golf ball hunting!  We would head out on the old motorcycle and drive around the outskirts of the U of U golf course to check for stray balls.  We would find them down the hill and across the road in trees and up by the Olympic village and the hospitals.  It is amazing how far off some of those golfers were.  We had our own code and lingo for finding and picking up the balls.  We stored them on the back porch and in one summer collected a 6-gallon bucket of stray balls.  (Which mysteriously disappeared, we assumed due to some mischief of the boys in the family.)  We were golf ball picky, and never picked up a stray ball marked with three lines, signifying it belonged to the course.  We really had so, so, so much fun doing that!  We never came home without finding at least one ball.  After ARDS, my Dad put the bike away for good.  It was okay though, because they closed the golf course right around that time. We figure they must have closed the golf course because we stopped coming.

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