04 April 2014

Yes, I am still here!

Over a year and several seriously traumatic experiences later here I am! In the past year my darling mother was diagnosed with incurable cancer, multiple myeloma, she underwent a stem cell transplant and is feeling crummy as ever as she is recovering from that. In the past year I had my fourth baby. My precious son was born full-term and was 3 pound 7 ounces. I went to the hospital on a feeling that something was wrong and it turned out that feeling really was from heaven! My son was in fetal distress when we arrived at the hospital but thorough a series of miracles he is alive today! He was born via emergency c-section and life flighted to the children's hospital where he stayed for three weeks.


If you've ever experienced any of these things then that short paragraph put you in sweats!

I would like to blog again. I will do my best! I've got some good things on my mind to write down.

Thanks for reading.

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