12 August 2011

Happy Summer!!!

Happier for me that the end of it is getting closer!  I don't like to be a spoil sport, but, if I'm being honest---IT'S JUST TOO HOT!  Too hot for my dear old Dad and too hot for me too!  We really have had a fun summer though.  We all have done a lot of sitting around in the backyard here at "Mathilda's" and lots of water gaming.

Speaking of that, the 4th of July was TONS of fun.  My family and I came over for a little BBQ that weekend.  After dinner we were all sitting in the shade of the tree out back.  Completely unprovoked, my Dad apparently got this great idea.  He went inside and got a big bucket of water and came out.  When I knew it was meant for me, I got up to walk off and he totally drenched me.  He got me from behind!  Which I promptly informed him was against the rules of engagement!  He ran inside to get away from me, so I snuck around front.  When I opened the door to sneak inside, he was there waiting for me with another bucket of water and got me in front.  So I was soaked!  The only retaliation I managed was getting Matt to convince my Dad to look around a certain corner, which I was waiting behind with a turned on hose.  I don't need to say it, but it was FUN!  My Dad sure is fun.  I was surprised at how long he kept running around and how he out smarted me more than once.  :)

Not a great picture, but this is the result of the water fighting.

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