17 April 2011

"I'm Scott . . ."

There is a man in my ward who had a hemorrhagic stroke three days after my Dad did.  Today at church I was talking to him about his whole ordeal and it is amazing how these things change life for the affected individuals and family members.  My heart really aches for these people and their loved ones.  It really is strange to think of my Dad on July 5, the day before his stroke, and the phone conversations we had and the advice he was giving me.  Then the next day my Dad was in brain surgery.  I am just thankful for every day I have with my family and at the end of each one I hope and pray for another day together of health and strength, of safety and happiness and protection.  I know all these things happen as the Lord sees fit and that He sees the end of everything from before the beginning.  I also know there will be healing of the physical kind!  Actually of every kind but I really look forward to the day when my Dad and this nice man at church will enjoy the use of their brains and bodies again.

Speaking of the man at church with my Dad, he said he would like to talk to him.  I said "Yes, it's helpful to know other people who are in the same situation as you are."  He said "That is the best statement so far on why I want to meet him.  I just want to meet this guy and say 'Look, my name is Scott.  I'm 40 years old (he is really 56) and I have . . . 4-6 kids' and just talk."  It was pretty funny-my Dad actually has five kids plus one son in-law and one daughter in-law, a granddaughter and a grandson.  So I am really not sure why he came up with that range but it was pretty funny.  I am always glad when he realizes what he is saying and can laugh about it too.  He's great!

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